Boost Your Remote team Efficiency- 5 Awesome Hacks

Well, it now has been pretty clear to all of us that remote work is here to stay. The world is going through such a time where the importance of proper remote team management is at its peak. We just cannot let teamwork without making a proper guideline. So, it’s high that technology should be used to measure and manage our remote teams to streamline our remote office.

Recent data from the US Bureau of statistics shows that23.8% of the total employees worked an average of 3.4 hours daily at home in 2019. For many remote works is not new, it just comes in the disguise of a remote office.

1.Make a scheduler for everyone:
Our co-workers could be working from anywhere in the world. So, everyone’s lifestyle will vary. Having a proper time scheduler will focus on when and what to be assigned for them according to their time zone. Making sure everyone’s participation at a particular time is vital for maximum output.
2.Choose the right communication platform:
A proper communication platform can boost remote work. With the help of recent technology, we can communicate and assign tasks online and see real-life input and output. For communications, the world now has some awesome applications like Zoom, Google meets,s and skype. With the help of these applications, we can anytime call for an online meeting and set a reminder for it.

  1. Ensure flexibility for maximum productivity:
    Well, work is something that is not just about going and doing some assigned tasks for 9 am-5 am. It should be enjoyed and feel like it makes you happy. There are many employees who are night owls and like to work at that time. If your remote team can give flexibility to the employees to their flexible time, maximum productivity can ensue through this.
  2. Make your desk your new office:
    From the large office hall rooms to the compacted virtual office, the transformation is not easy for many people. We need to adjust ourselves in these circumstances to survive in the long run. Our offices are dedicatedly designed and organized in such a way that the work will flow automatically. Now, an employee needs to make sure of his responsibilities and duties to ensure there is no difference between the home office and physical office. On-time reporting, maintaining deadline, proper communication with clients and feedback, use of latest technologies, etc are some key facts that need to make sure from the employees’ end.

5.Encourage spread love & happiness
The downside of remote work is, it doesn’t let us physically meet and share our emotions. The bonding between co-workers grows by this. As it is not possible now, co-workers need to encourage each other’s work and motivate them to grow and do better.

From an employer’s perspective, their employees need time to adjust and feel comfortable in this new normal world. Let them breathe and encourage their work, let not make them overburden so that they start to hate this and feel demotivated.

The above remote hacks will benefit both employers and employees. This will mitigate the communication barriers and ensure productivity throughout the team. So, let’s get this new normal adopted in our regular life by all means.

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